Swedish artist Jamkid back with new music

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The star from Swedish suburb Rågsved, known for delivering music with influences from Gambia mixed with swag from the Swedish urban culture, is now back with new music. The song Hello is the first of several that the artist plans to release in the future.

Hello is really a real summer song. It spreads harmony, happiness, joy and a feeling of freedom – just everything that the Swedish summer symbolizes for me, says Jamkid.

Jamkid, known for his colorful style and powerful live performances, often mixes the dancehall culture with his roots in Rågsved. He is one of the few Swedish artists who mix dance-friendly afrobeats with declarations of love in the Swedish language, which according to him is why people like his music.

I love how hip hop has flourished in Sweden and become an art form for today’s young people, but the Swedish music scene lacks really good dance music where the lyrics also convey joy of life and love. The rhythms, feeling and joy in my music are universal and can make anyone want to stand up and just move, says Jamkid.

The new song Hello is a perfect, dance-friendly summer song. The song is produced by Pause Beats and has influences from dancehall and pop with a swinging uptempo sound. The lyrics are written by Jamkid and mixes Swedish and English expressions in a way that makes the song stick on your brain immediately.

My music has always been about love and joy and I want to continue to spread that with Hello. The basis is traditional dancehall, but as usual I lift my roots in Rågsved by writing in a language that today’s young Swedes can relate to, says Jamkid.

Check out the new song here.

By Team Signature Reports
By Team Signature Reports