Meet Purity Paige

Purity is a trans lady, born and raised in Uganda. She is also a human rights activist, a social scientist, a motivational speaker, a mental health champion, actress, model, fashion collector, and stylist. And she is a columnist at Signature reports.

Year end reflections of a black woman

Everywhere around me I see parents gearing up.Loading up with fumes of energy.Getting ready to make yet another Christmas magical. In the mist of a pandemic.And the shadows of Black Lives Matters.I see weary bodies straighten up.Turn their cheek and stumble in the general direction of well, forward. I look back on 2021,I see incredible […]

Minimizing those pores

Minimizing pores is not possible unless you get them botoxed, which will have side effects. I started using @byko products a few months ago when I was struggling a lot with clogged pores. They sent me four products with different qualities but that are used for the same purposes: detoxing, pore-minimizing and anti-aging. • Prebiotic Hydrating Cream: […]

Get empowered! You have more than one story

What is the first picture that comes to your mind when thinking of Africa?   Is it a conflict? Famine? Civil war? Dictators? For some, these are probably the first images that pop to head. And even more scary, these are the images you’re actually exposed to when going back in history and connecting Africa […]

Winter care basics

Winter is here. Days are getting shorter and less bright and there are days when we hardly see the sun and then people make mistake of NOT wearing a #sunscreen. At a beauty event I learned that the sun damages your skin more when it snows because the rays reflect. True or not one thing is […]

Consultants Help Businesses Operate Efficiently

Occasionally, a company may need expertise in a specific area but not require a full-time position. Likewise, a newly formed business may lack the resources to staff departments for every business need. For example, when marketing and advertising needs arise, a business owner may not have the skills or time to address them, so hiring an […]

The only recipe for Jollof Rice you need

Let’s be honest, Jollof Rice is one of those dishes that has as many interpretations as it has fans. This amazingly flavorful dish is popular for a reason and if you want the Gambian version straight from our Gambian queen Aysha Jones, you’ve come to the right place. INGREDIENTS 1kg meat or chicken (we recommend […]

Signature muse; Irene Ekelund

In the segment Signature muse; we get to meet inspirational professionals from around the world and get a rare glimpse at what made them, them. If we had a cover, this would most definitely be the cover story! A conversation with Europe’s fastest woman takes us through a story of success, injures, mental health issues, […]

Fashion trends: do they still exist in the digital age?

Everywhere we look, we see someone doing something or wearing something, promoting this – promoting that – and more and more, marketing focuses on trends. This is partially thanks to the constant demand for content on social media and blogs, but also the abundance of data and documentation we collected since the beginning of the […]