Just like movies, music and books coming back to the 21st century, fashion trends between the 60s to 90s, have also been dominant during the 21st century. As taste changes and generations draw inspiration from previous decades, it’s no surprise that some of our current trends are a mixed bag of past decades fashion trends. Let’s take a look at some of these trends.

Mom Jeans

Known for their high wasted, loose fitting and tapered around the ankle look, mom jeans were incredibly popular back in the 90s and have made a strong comeback in the 21st century with various ways to style them. Skinny jeans are no longer the only pants sold in stores these days. A whole new era for Jeans!

Flared Pants

We all are familiar with the 70s staple, flared pants. They’ve made a comeback in today’s world. It’s unlikely that no one hasn’t come across these in stores or even owned a pair. We are seeing this silhouette due to the retro style coming back into fashion. Not only are we seeing more and more people rock them at festivals, but also in their everyday life. A clothing that can be styled based on anyone’s taste.


Bike Shorts

The 80s – 90s were decades full of biker shorts that are now also seen during the 21t century. Bike shorts keep coming back as a hot trend in fashion. Celebrities such as Kim K and Bella Hadid are seen rocking these shorts with oversized sweaters or t-shirts, often with a pair of chunky sneakers.


Chokers and Scrunchies

The most iconic necklace in the 90s was by far the choker. Just about every female pop star sported chokers which added the perfect dose of edginess to the sassy crop-top wearing singers. This accessory is back in stock at all major stores and is bringing the 90s back to life for us all.

Hair accessories have also been a massive part of fashion since way back. Scrunchies have made a return to the fashion game. Not only fashionable amongst your fellow peers, but many celebrities are also rocking this trend too.

Chunky Sneakers

The 80s were a decade of sneakers, a trend that nobody thought would come back to today’s society. But here we are, they’ve made a huge comeback with many designer brands bringing it to light such as Gucci and Balenciaga.

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