A skincare review by Polly Lindstedt


I think at this point almost everyone know about this brand and their famous “blood-mask”, but if you are new to this brand then welcome!

The Ordinary is a skincare and beauty brand from DECIEM and was first created as only skincare back in 2016 and became known for stripping back unnecessary scent and packaging, and marketing “clinical formulations with integrity” – active ingredients like retinol, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

But I think that their Peeling solution AKA “Blood-mask” was the product that made them skyrocket amongst influencer due to it’s bloody look when applied to the face.

But there is so much more about this brand then a mask that makes you look like a bloody mess! They have a large range of products with active ingredients for those who dares to try acid products on their face.

I’ve been using their Peeling solution with AHA 30% – BHA 2% for about 2 years I think and I absolutley LOVE it! It helps with my large pores on my nose and cheeks by removing a lot of the dirt that regular cleanser can’t really reach. I use it once a week and my skin feels like a baby butt after washing it off.

But beware! You should always be careful when using acid products on your face, if you’re sensitive then try on a small patch and see how the reaction is. It’s normal that this peeling solution stings for the first 2 minutes but if it continues or feels too weird then wash it off. You should only have this on for 10 minutes.

I’ve also been giving their Niacinamide serum with 10% Niacinamide and 1% zink for my blemish problems. I use it as a spot treatment before bed and I have actually seen a change in my skin with it. My blemishes goes away much faster and I don’t have as much outbreaks anymore since I started using it. This serum doesn’t sting or anything when applied to the skin but please be careful before use.

I haven’t managed to try their Hyaluronic acid yet due to I’m using another brand at the moment and I like to use it up before opening a new product. Will let you know how it works when I’ve gotten to it!

You can read more about the brand and products here:

English: https://theordinary.deciem.com/

Swedish: https://www.dermarome.se/varumarken/the-ordinary/


You can buy the products here:





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