Have you ever had really long nights where you can’t fall asleep and whatevery you do or have tried it won’t help and in the end you just pass out from exhaustion? Same.

Then it may be time to switch out your ordinary blanket for a weighted blanket! Why? Becase studies show that having weight on your body can be beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety or other mental health issues. And it’s because a gentle deep pressure on your entire body has a calming effect like a hug from someone you love, or from the time you where a baby and was being snuggled, even just a massage helps you relax and feeling sleepy. This is exactly what a weight blanket is supposed to to and make you feel.

When your body is in a state of mind where anxiety and stress increases, your “fight or flight” mode goes off and your entire body is preparing itself to either run away from something or fight something and this is why you can’t fall asleep while in this mode. You need to decrease the stress level and lighten your anxiety so your body can start to relax.

If you don’t have a weighted blanket at hand and you feel your body going into this mode, if you can, ask someone to hold you or even give you a massage prior to going to sleep and feel your body relaxing more and more and finally falling alseep.

However, this is just a slight sulotion to a problem that can have more to it and if you have mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or ptsd you should go to a proffesional and talk about it and find out what’s behind it.

Other things to do to help your sleep:

You can read more about weighted blankets and mental health here.

And you can buy yourself a weighted blanket here:



(Make sure you pick a weight that is suited for you body)

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