We have all noticed that fashion history repeats, bootcut jeans, graphic t-shirts and wide leg pants came back from the 90s and are worn now by famous celebrities and teenagers all around the world today. Some might even say that fashion never dies, and whatever is in always goes out the next day but will sooner or later repeat itself.

The years pass by and every single year the theme of what’s in and what’s out changes. These two past years it is all about streetwear, baggy clothes inspired by the 90s, satin dresses and a lot of accessories like rings, necklaces and shoes are even a bigger deal than ever, Air Jordan 1s is the new hot and comes in different colors to match with your outfit.

We have written a lot about past trends reoccurring in modern time and this really is a topic we love to highlight as a way of challenging our readers to become more aware of sustainability. Here are few tips on how you can make your wardrobe more environmental friendly and still stay on top of your fäshün style game!

  1. Buy less, borrow more!
    The best way to help mother earth is buy preventing overconsumption. Arrange a swap day with your friends and borrow their clothes for a while or simply trade your goods for theirs.
  2. Dive into your parents wardrobe. Or your grans for that matter too!
    As trends tends to come back in due time we are sure what your parents or even your grandparents wore will make a smashing hit one of these days. Go diving in their closet and collect those gems they forgot they have!
  3. Remake is the new make! Unless we’re talking makeup, you should definitely not reuse someone else’s makeup or skincare in these troubling times of the Rona…
    However, cut those jeans and make yourself a pair of short. Or color that dreadful shirt you spilled a glass of red on and make it a DIY tie-dye fäshün extravaganza! Just don’t forget to show us all your sassy creations on the gram, we are starving for inspiration like the rest of the planet…

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