We have all probably heard about silk pillows by now and it’s benefits towards preventing wrinkles and other benefits but have you heard about copper pillows? No? Then let’s dig in!

As we all know cotton soaks up moisture pretty good and our faces is not an exception! Imaging spending thousands of dollars on skincare products and putting it on your face to wake up moisturized and all that. Now imaging putting your face on a pillow that is surrounded by cotton and probably have cotton filling. All those products you just put on your face will slowly transfer over into your pillow and you will have maybe 10-20% left soaked into your skin.

A copper pillowcase on the other hand have copper oxide particles embedded in fabrics like polyester or nylon which is plastic and plastic doesn’t soak up anything, so think about the benefits of sleeping on something that prevents the moisture from your face to get stuck into your pillow.

Not only does it keep the moisture in your face but it’s also cleaner to use and can help with acne prone skin, minimizes friction towards your skin and hair which means hairloss and wrinkles are reduced.

However, copper cases cost a bit and can seem to be a bit over your budget it still gives you a ton of benefits and can help you save some cash when it comes to usage of skincare products.

Now after reading the benefits about copper pillows, will you give it a go?

If your are interested in reading more about copper pillowcases you can read this article about the benefits about silk and copper cases here.

And if you’re interested in buying yourself a copper case you can find them here:


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