Why you should write

I would call writing art. Having the ability to form sentences based on my own chosen words is powerful. I enjoy pressing the keyboard buttons and forming words in the form of poetry that only I understand. Sometimes we write for ourselves and in other cases for others, but in any case we write.

Many therapists and psychiatrists recommend that their clients write down their feelings. It does not have to be logical for someone else to read, but it can be single words and sentences that take place in your head. Writing a diary is considered by many to be healthy for the soul because we clear it of thoughts, reflections and feelings that are in us during our days.

Writing a diary can also be a process for those who feel that they have difficulty expressing their feelings in words. A tip can be to start by writing the day’s date, year and time once a week, then continue to write down a few sentences about how the week has been. Maybe even organize some questions you answer every week so that it feels more structured and not as free and improvised to write. The questions could be about your mood during the week, if you learned something new or three positive things that happened to you. By doing this, you seek answers in yourself, which means that you get to know your feelings in a better way. Nothing is more refreshing than understanding yourself. By doing so, you understand why you feel the way you do in situations and you can also prevent collisions with other people because you have an understanding of how you as a human being function.

Write about your feelings, embrace it!

By Team Signature Reports
By Team Signature Reports