Meet team Signature Reports!

Javeria Ikhtiar
Javeria Ikhtiar
I am a self-made woman in tech with a huge interest in product photography, skincare, beauty, interior design and everything colorful. I am a mother of a beautiful 3 year old, integrating in Swedish society as an unapologetic brown girl from Pakistan while keeping my values alive. I create content for modest lifestyle in Sweden, beauty and motivating women. 
My next goal in life is to live a strong happy, sustainable and conscious life today and always. Also, help and motivate people.
Our readers can expect to see me break brown girl hijabi stereotypes, share conscious skincare trends, truth bombs and ideas, but no hoarding.
Jessica Hansén

I am fun, ambitious and creative. 

My next goal in life is to open a creative or communications agency. I have yet to figure out my niche, however I am certain it will develop with time and experience.

Our readers can expect to see me write witty and personal articles, while of course, inspiring and rich with content.

IG: @jessicahanseen

Salome Kabengano
I am a mother, daughter and friend. I’m a daydreamer with a big imagination that sometimes is more unrealistic than realistic.
My next goal in life is to find balance and read more books. 
Our readers can expect to see me write about everyday life and pop culture from my subjective gaze
Purity Paige
I am Purity; a social scientist professionally, a human rights activist, mental health champion, writer, team building coach , actress, model, dancer and fashion stylist.
My next goal in life is to dare and fulfill distant dreams. I can contribute to a better world if I joined the Swedish parliament and that’s my dream.

Our readers can expect to see me write based on lived realities. I love humor so expect a little joy as a reader.

IG: purity_paige
FB: Purity Paige

Funke Jaiyeola

I am Funke Jaiyeola, but you can call me Phoebe. I am ambitious, creative and passionate about quite a number of things but writing and helping people get clarity about their goals in life and business tops the list. As they say, readers are leaders, which is why I love me a good book any day.

My next goal in life is to continue to grow my brand strategy business.

Our readers can expect everything but boredom and negativity.

IG: @feebewrites
FB: Funke Jaiyeola
LI: Funke (Phoebe) Jaiyeola

Sara Rydin

I am straightforward and practical, drawn-out and unfocused discussions are not my thing. My thoughts are mostly about things related to societal change/improvement, accessibility and communication technology. In my spare time, I love to read and spend time with friends and family.

My next goal in life in addition to exploring the possibilities as a UX writer, is to dip into more science fiction (preferably space opera).

Our readers can expect me to write about people who surmount challenges in their own way, with their indomitable will, about ableism, and about accessibility problems that should not be an issue as there is (almost always) a solution.

Wondmagegn Ejigu Kebede
I am Wondmagegn Ejigu Kebede but people usually call me Wonde. I have a long experiance in communication and freelance writing. I am a social pedagogist, human rights activist & relatively active in local politics as well. And the last but not the least thing about me is, I have bad allergies to racism.
My next goal in life is to have a better communication platform. I believe the so called “free and independent ” media has not served humanity well, often it is manipulated by the powerful. I believe effective communication is essential for humanity.

Our readers can expect to see me write articles that focuses on African politics and related issues.