Your own charisma

We humans often find ourselves in situations where we easily criticise ourselves with lots of reasons why we are not sufficient in the eyes of others – and this is where we must identify the basic problem. “In the eyes of others”. We humans find it easy to confuse other people’s opinions with what actually is. This combination weighs so much as we by doing this allow the opinions of others to determine our reality and no one but yourself should have that power over your own mind and your own charisma.

Incoming information from the outside world on social media is swallowed up by us humans and can affect us enormously. Much of what is considered “right” is controlled by structures built on social media, both in terms of appearance but also in terms of personality norms regarding the different sexes. How should a woman behave to be considered feminine enough? How should a man be to be considered as masculine as possible? Where is the limit on how feminine and masculine you can be? All these questions only you decide the answer to. Not instagram, not facebook, not twitter and
definitely not another human being. Only

With this article, we at Signature Reports want to challenge your readers to take half an hour to access your social media and block everything you do not want to see or feel bad about. Choose to follow and fill your everyday life with accounts and platforms that make you feel good, nothing else. You choose what you radiate, so pick wisely.

By Team Signature Reports
By Team Signature Reports